How It Works

House Cleaning Cincinnati was built to provide a one-stop shop for local cleaning companies to find new customers, and for customers to find quality cleaners at affordable rates. When you ask for a cleaning quote, we supply your request and contact information to up to three different cleaning companies. The companies will then contact you, either to provide a quote or to ask for more information to get you that quote. We save you time and money by getting you connected to cleaners in one step bidding to get your business

To get up to three quotes, just fill out our contact form to the right, or on our Quote Request form. Provide as much relevant information as you can. We suggest at minimum, include your zip code, what you need cleaned and the frequency (i.e. “a 750 square foot apartment move out clean” or “4 bedroom, 3 bath 3,000 square foot twice monthly cleaning”). Sometimes, even with you providing as much information as you can, the services may need a tour of your property to truly give you an accurate quote. And remember, leaving out key information (like you wanting a refrigerator cleaned) may result in the quote being invalid and increased, so be honest and complete!

We are also a directory for local cleaning companies, so if you want to search for a specific cleaner, we can help you out. Just check out our directory. We have cleaning firms from all over the metro area, including in Northern Kentucky, and we are striving to be the best, most complete resource. So if you know of a company we are missing, or you run a cleaning service you’d like to add, just contact us! We’d love to get you on the site.

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