Free House Cleaning in Cincinnati

Free house cleaning? Yes it’s true – for certain people free house cleaning is available in the Cincinnati area. Two organizations have been formed to offer free cleaning to two groups of people – women recently diagnosed with cancer, and disable or elderly veterans.

Cleaning For a Reason offers free services to women recently diagnosed with cancer. Of course cancer is overwhelming on its own but with additional responsibilities in running a home, which often falls on women’s shoulders, keeping the house cleaned and organized can fall off the schedule. Local cleaners affiliated with Cleaning for a Reason will provide a free house cleaning to make a small part of life just a little bit easier for these women. For more information, visit

Similar to Cleaning For a Reason, Cleaning for Heroes offers free cleaning to disabled or elderly veterans. There are approximately a half dozen cleaning companies in Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati area that are affiliated with Cleaning for Heroes. Veterans can apply for services at the website

If you don’t qualify for free services (and while it would be nice, you can be thankful that your circumstances don’t) but want to support the companies involved in these worthy missions, you can check out each organization’s list of affiliated companies and hire them for you cleaning as a way to show support for what they are doing to help the unfortunate in our community.